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The Olive Oil Greenway for the more experienced cyclist

Along the trail of the old Olive Oil Train in the centre of Andalusia, for those of you with little time and strong legs.

This route is ideal for cyclists who enjoy journeys that are a little longer than the ones usually offered by VIVEBIKE. Even so they are still quite easy; they are daily rides of about 50 km on a very well prepared greenway with only gentle slopes.

The route takes us through an impressive landscape of olive trees in the very heart of Andalusia. As a backdrop to these noble Andalusian trees is a mountainous landscape formed by the steep, jagged ridges of the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park.


The route is divided into two appealing out-and-back rides from Doña Mencía. To the east we reach Luque and to the west, Cabra. These three towns and villages are magnificent examples of the different cultures that over the centuries have helped give this region such a strong personality. In each of them we can find mansions, winding narrow streets of white-fronted houses, majestic monuments, mediaeval forts, and friendly people, always willing to show us how they live.

And as the icing on the cake, a short climb will reward you with the village of Zuheros, a site of historic and artistic interest, whose whitewashed houses cling to the side of a hill topped by an impressive Moorish castle. You will be able to round off the day by visiting the Cave of Bats just a few kilometres away.

Of course, any cyclists with the time and the energy can lengthen either of the days’ rides, since the trail in both directions is almost endless and the journeys are out-and-back (OAB).