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Cycling among hundred year old olive trees

A cycle tour in the heart of Andalusia, among age-old olive trees, experiencing traditions, visiting pretty towns and villages, and feeling the fusion of the different cultures that have shaped this area of Andalusia.

A three-day trip following the former route of the Olive Oil Train, a now abandoned railway line which once ran between Jaén and Puente Genil and has now been developed for cycle tourism.

The route takes us through the biggest olive grove in the world, with age-old old trees which over the years have witnessed the different cultures that have shaped the landscape of this region of the central Andalusia, and the timeless customs of its inhabitants, which have endured until this day. We are in the heart of Andalusia, on the edge of the Sierras Subbéticas mountains, in the land where Christians, Arabs and Jews once walked during the middle ages.

The route runs through the heart of the countryside in areas with a wealth of birdlife, such as the Honda and Salobral lakes. It skirts around the rugged slopes of the mountain range, and makes the occasional incursion into Mediterranean forest land.

The historical past of all the towns and villages that the route passes through is reflected in the abundance of monuments, mansions, mediaeval castles, and typically convoluted street layouts. These streets are a pleasure to get lost in so you can discover for yourself their hidden attractions.