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Cycle tourism from Doña Mencía, the heart of the Olive Oil Greenway

An easy trip just right for a weekend, on the trail of Andalusian nature and history on the route of the old Olive Oil Train, with the village of Doña Mencía as your base.

Doña Mencía is located in a privileged position, very close to the geographical centre of both the region of Andalusia and the Olive Oil Greenway. The route explores this greenway towards Alcaudete to the east and Lucena to the west. An itinerary that exemplifies the natural and historical wealth of Andalusia.

Doña Mencía, our reference point, is a charming village, with a centre of evocative narrow streets with signature monuments and a 15th century castle. Its wine museum will tell you all you need to know in order to understand (and enjoy!) the superb wines produced in this region.

The two days will take you through the vast Andalusian patchwork of olive grows that so sharply contrasts with the jagged peaks of the Sierras Subbéticas mountains. The destinations of each day will amply reward the effort required to get there: Alcaudete, Lucena and, at a half-way point, Cabra are typical Andalusian towns and villages of enormous historical and artistic value, all sharing the weight of history and their cultural mix. In such a short time, few routes can offer such an attractive snapshot of Andalusia’s nature and culture.