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Our team

Here at VIVEBIKE we have gathered together a team of people who are keen to do things rightand eager to share their enthusiasm for the out-of-the-way places, unique traditions, and little known landscapes of Andalusia. We have walked and cycled around this beautiful region of the south of Spain until we knew it from top to bottom, and then we created VIVEBIKEto bring it all to you, so you too can experience and enjoy it.

We are a very varied team of professionals, with complementary experiences that go beyond the tourism business. We have worked for many years as consultants, studying the region of Andalusian and its cultural and natural heritage, and we have trained in physical and sports activities and as nature tourism monitors.

We also have some very special collaborators, local people who know the area where they live like the back of their hands. We call on them to provide us with transport, meals, accommodation, bikesand all the services which VIVEBIKE offers.

The people behind VIVE

Luis H. Aycart

He has been visiting camp after camp,not only in Andalusia but also in the UK and the USA, collecting all the best ideas to incorporate them in VIVEBIKE. His passion is nature, being in the open air, riding or walking trails, and sharing his enjoyment with othersby chatting to them and passing on his wealth of knowledge.

Joaquín Hernández

He has worked and lived in some of the most iconic natural areas in the world; places like the Galapagos Islands, the Dominican Republic, Panama, the Philippines, and most especially  Andalusia. On this long journey of adventure he has always strived to studythe nature and culture of eachlocation and its people in order to share his findings with others and help protect the natural and cultural heritage that these places possess.