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The Green Gold trail

Day 1. From Jaén to Martos (24 km)

First thing in the morning, wherever in Jaén you tell us to, we will deliver your bikes and take you to the start of the greenway from where you will have a self-guided ride to Martos. Ahead of you, as if you were riding on a train (though you may have to pedal a little!) you have an interesting journey through the Andalusian countryside. On reaching Martos in the afternoon you can wander through winding streets as your mood takes you, discovering the monuments of this little town which has been declared a site of historic and artistic interest.

Day 2. Off to see a castle of the Order of Calatrava (Martos-Alcaudete, 25 km)

After breakfast we will take you back to the greenway where you left off the day before. Today’s route takes you cycling to Alcaudete, through a more natural countryside than olive groves. When you cross the impressive 200 m long iron bridge, built in the 19th century over the River Guadajoz, you will feel the suggestive fusion of engineering and nature. In the afternoon, on a guided tour of Alcaudete Castle, one of the best conserved in Jaén province, it will be easy to evoke the life of warrior monks 600 earlier. Later, on your own now, you can look for Alcaudete’s palatial houses, vestiges of earlier, more prosperous times.

Day 3. Skirting around the Sierras Subbéticas mountain ranges (Alcaudete-Doña Mencía, 27 km)

The itinerary follows the route of the old Olive Oil Train, which skirts around the jagged peaks of the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park and passes close to the nature reserves of the Salobral and Honda lagoons, where with the aid of binoculars and at the right time of the year you can spot red-crested pochards, mallards, and other birds that spend the winter on these brackish waters. Towards the end of the ride, at Luque station, you can take a break, grab a bite to eat, or even have a proper lunch and buy some local gastronomic products. The day ends with a guided tour of Doña Mencía, including a manor house, a 15th century castle, and a wine museum.

Day 4. Lured by the Pearl of Sepharad, via Cabra (Doña Mencía-Lucena, 25 km)

We continue with our gentle pedalling through a peaceful landscape of countryside and charming towns. The landscape alternates between our faithful companions, the olive trees and the mountain ranges towering over a vegetation of holm oak and carob. After crossing another 19th century viaduct – the 132 m long Sima Viaduct – you arrive at Cabra, once one of the most important cities in southern mediaeval Cordoba. At the old station building, now home to a restaurant, you will be able to relax and have a snack or some lunch. The end of the day’s ride is at Lucena, the “Pearl of Sepharad” (Sepharad being the name given by Spanish Jews to the Iberian peninsula), where you will find a mix of Christian, Jewish and Arab cultures. An informative guided tour will help you get to know the town.

Day 5. The Montilla-Moriles wine route (Lucena- Campo Real Station, 20 km from Zuheros)

The old route of the Olive Oil Train forges on through olive groves around the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park. But this time we move into wine territory. Depending on your interests and energy you can organize a route to suit your taste. You can visit wineries and wine exhibition rooms, and try some of the excellent sherry-type wines the region has to offer. At the end of the greenway we will drive you to Zuheros, a beautiful village in a spectacular location. A last surprise awaits us before we call it a day: the Cave of Bats, a natural monument from prehistoric times.

Day 6. End of the route

After welcoming in the new day at Zuheros, a quiet breakfast marks the end of the trip. For your convenience, as an option, we can offer you our transport services to wherever you need to be.