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Doña Mencia, the hearth of the Olive Greenway

Day 1. Eastward: in search of Alcaudete Castle (Doña Mencía-Alcaudete, 29 km)

A day of splendid nature combining the permanent backdrop of olive groves with nature reserves such as the Salobral lagoon, and the highland landscape of the Sierras Subbéticas. The trail passes over spectacular iron viaducts and bridges, many of which previously carried the old Olive Oil Train.

The day’s ride finishes in Alcaudete, which boasts one of the best conserved mediaeval castles in the province of Jaén. But we need to hold back, since halfway along the route is Zuheros, considered by many to be one of the prettiest villages in Spain.

From Alcaudete we will drive you back to the starting point at Doña Mencía, where a visit to the old town centre should not be missed.

Day 2. Westward: in search of the Pearl of Sepharad (Doña Mencía-Lucena, 25 km)

You will explore the downhill part of the greenway, all of which is in the province of Cordoba. The landscape continues to be olive trees with a backdrop of mountains, interrupted only by the stations on the old railway line, most of them now refurbished. On our journey we will come across two fascinating towns reflecting the grandeur of Andalusia’s past, Cabra and Lucena. These two towns, the latter known as the Pearl of Sepharad, are awash with monuments and mansions, a reflection of the importance once enjoyed by these towns in a more prosperous past. From Lucena we will drive you back to Doña Mencía.